Building a Foundation for Providing
Services Related to the Practice of Anesthesiology

Our Mission

Our mission at Associates in Anesthesia is to provide a personalized and comfortable perioperative experience for each and every patient. We aim to function both as a leading and integrated component in Delaware County’s health care system.  As such we promote the wellbeing of all members in the community through a coordinated emphasis on education and health maintenance.  To further our goal we also provide assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of our patients.   Associates in Anesthesia constantly strives to uphold our image as group of high quality experts in the field of anesthesia through exceptional work and continued medical advancements.  

The concept for Associates in Anesthesia was developed and put into practice by physician Louis Hitchner M.D..   It was established in 1961 as the first “fee for service” anesthesia group in the state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hitchner’s vision to create specialized services for administering anesthesia not only led to the creation of Associates in Anesthesia but also helped establish our foundation as a pioneer in the anesthesia field.

A Regional Provider of Anesthesia Associates

Since our inception over 50 years ago, we have continued to expand and currently offer exclusive anesthesiology services and pain management to several Pennsylvania area hospitals and outpatient medical facilities. 

As an exclusive provider of anesthesia services to these locations, we strive to continuously provide the highest quality service to our patients and colleagues while ensuring both safety and comfort throughout the perioperative experience.

Associates in Anesthesia has always been at the forefront of clinical care. That is why we guarantee each location is staffed by board certified anesthesiologists, CRNA’s and employs state-of-the-art equipment to ensure best practices.

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